2021.10.25 05:28 T123456n Redhead

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2021.10.25 05:28 ant_honey6 Can an object travel through the Earth's atmosphere slowly?

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2021.10.25 05:28 ZerO_Tonmoy BitGame.

That's all you need to hear right now. Rest, you will be reading in the history. Bitgame will make that history. This one thing promises to be hundreds, more likely thousands. You can find your favorite games here and the best part is you can earn playing those games.
Here's the link. join now
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2021.10.25 05:28 RecruitSilly Tiktok Video Asian Kid Edit, does anyone know the @ of the kid who edited four of himself and danced to tell em by snot slowed, he must have made an original sound because its not under it

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2021.10.25 05:28 UseNo1542 Freddy's Strengths and Weaknesses + Build

I am fairly new to the game. I have around 300 hours as survivor and 30-40 hours as killer (95% of it ehile doing rituals). Since I got my main survivor to L50 P3 and got all the perks that are great on her, I started working on killer. The one I enjoyed the most and played the most is Freddy. I love his versatility with the pools of blood since it helps in chases and locating survivors and I love his ability to teleport to gens. I also find it nice since I can mind game the survivors better. From what I could find out, he is weak in the early game and better as the game progresses.
I noticed that on certain tierlists, freddy is a D tier, on others he is B tier and on others he is A (the ones created in the past month).
I would like to know why is it so inconsistent. Is it because of the build? Is it because people always wake up (most people stay asleep from my experience).
I get matched with pretty good survivors. Some have over 800 hours and loop me like gods, but they step in my pools of blood by accident and I get the upper hand.
What are his strengths and weaknesses and what is the best build on him. I thought about Corrupt Intervension, Pop Goes the Weasel, Thinkerer and BBQ and Chilli.
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2021.10.25 05:28 Worglorglestein Looking at an air compressor for small tasks

I don't need to use one regularly, but it would be useful for inflating tires, occasional air tools, and odd jobs.
I've started my search with these three different models: 1. Ryobi P739 2. Ryobi P747 3. Milwaukee 2475
I'm leaning towards either the Ryobi P739 or the Milwaukee 2475. Does anyone have experience working with them?
Any other general suggestions/advice for buying an air compressor?
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2021.10.25 05:28 Traditional_Intern22 HIRE ME

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2021.10.25 05:28 ClaradactylIt The Sassy Leg Infantry!

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2021.10.25 05:28 Giannisgis Guys,can someone find me this logo of her's in white?. I've been searching for ages. I want to print it on a sweatshirt bcz she doesn't deliver(her Merch) in my country.

Guys,can someone find me this logo of her's in white?. I've been searching for ages. I want to print it on a sweatshirt bcz she doesn't deliver(her Merch) in my country. submitted by Giannisgis to halsey [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 05:28 leroi3 PNG Sequence + Transparant background?

Hi guys,
Need some help on this question;
I want to render an animation as a PNG sequence, where the frames have a denoised beauty and a transparant background. How do I achieve this?
Thanks in advance!
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2021.10.25 05:28 InsurViewChina China Insurance News 10.25

Holding 66.5%, Ping An Life becomes the controlling shareholder of new Founder Group
The name of New Founder Group is New Founder Holding Development Co., Ltd., the date of establishment is October 21, 2021, and the registered place is Hengqin New District, Zhuhai City. At the same time, its shareholding structure has been revealed. The SPV established by Ping An Life, a subsidiary of Ping An of China, holds 66.5%. The SPV established by Zhuhai Huafa Group Co., Ltd. holds 28.5%, and the holding platform composed of creditors holds approximately 5%. (Source: Hexun Insurance)
The personal pension plan is to adopt a personal account system, and the upper limit of payment will be gradually increased
A few days ago, at the 2021 Financial Street Forum annual meeting, Nie Mingjun, director of the Pension Insurance Department of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, said that there are two main tasks for developing the third pillar industry - pension. The first is to establish a personal pension system supported by taxation and other policies to provide workers who participate in basic pension insurance with a system option for personal pension accumulation. The personal pension plan is to adopt a personal account system. The upper limit of the annual payment amount may initially be linked with the policy of the pilot tax reduction. (Source: CCTV)
CBIRC: As of the end of September, the national auto insurance comprehensive expense ratio is 27.8%, down 13.5% year-on-year, and new energy auto insurance will be launched in due course
At a press conference on October 21, Ye Yanfei, head of the Policy Research Bureau of the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, introduced the results of the first year’s comprehensive reform of auto insurance. Ye Yanfei pointed out that auto insurance reform is related to the vital interests of consumers. Since the comprehensive reform, we have basically achieved the goal of reducing prices, increasing insurance coverage and improving quality. Consumers have generally benefited, and the industry's continued development momentum has increased.
The first is that insurance premiums have been significantly reduced. As of the end of September, the average premium paid by vehicles was 2,763 yuan, which was 21% lower than before the reform last year. 87% of consumers' insurance premiums have fallen. According to estimates, since the reform, the accumulative reduction in expenditures for China's auto insurance consumers has exceeded 200 billion yuan. At the same time, the average non-compensation preference coefficient of commercial auto insurance dropped from 0.789 before the reform to 0.754. Low-risk car owners with good driving habits and low frequency of accidents can enjoy greater discounts.
Ye Yanfei said that in the next stage, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission will consolidate the results of the auto insurance reform and introduce new energy auto insurance in due course. Taking the reform as an opportunity, we will further improve the online and intelligent level of auto insurance business, and promote its high-quality development. (Source: Blue Whale Finance)
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2021.10.25 05:28 HydraB2 she said, "Dumbass"

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2021.10.25 05:28 Jebanie_Grzyba A bit of an problem I guess?

Does Anyone know when I have a wattpad on phone and on computer, If I'll write one chapter on computer and publish it, will it also show up on my phone? Because I recently wrote one chapter on computer and it didn't show up on phone and I'm panicking a bit. Sorry If the question is a bit dumb-
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2021.10.25 05:28 techcouncilglobal Artificial intelligence training

Global Tech Council offers artificial intelligence training that includes simultaneous participation of both learning and practical knowledge in an online environment. Contact us now.
#artificialintelligencetraining #learnartificialintelligence #onlinecertification #onlinecourses #globaltechcouncil
Also Visit-
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2021.10.25 05:28 fuji0079 [T3 Gek system] Royal exotic [Gray with Silver trim / Side Wing / Clam Tail]

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2021.10.25 05:28 crysleeprepeat thinking of stopping bc pill after 4 years

I'm 18 so I've spent nearly all of my developing years on the pill and am sick of the side effects paired with recent mystery health issues. I want to go off it mainly because of loss of sex drive (and when I'm finally in the mood, pain after orgasm). But I'm so nervous about having a cycle again and the pain that will come with it. I have pain killers that do work but I have a sensitive stomach and they tend to irritate it after a day or so.
Basically I'm asking is it worth going off or should I just deal with it or try yet another pill? I refuse to try mirena but am open to others. Really just need some advice and reassurance from other people who can understand what I'm going through. ❀
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2021.10.25 05:28 Tea_Bender CG short film on the extinction of the dinosaurs | "Dinosaurs: The true ...

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2021.10.25 05:28 Old_world_blues_2077 Just built my first pc

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2021.10.25 05:28 junkolee27 What products have you repurchased?

I will go first.
Cosrx snail mucin essence,keep cool bamboo toner, bioderma Baume. Just ordered blynds emugel again. My skin type is combination-dehydrated.
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2021.10.25 05:28 mnotme Turkey arrests Russians suspected of planning attacks on Chechens

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2021.10.25 05:28 hookedontechno Just opened up 4 spots for the week in #6933 if you’re looking for an active Alliance πŸ––πŸ˜Ž

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2021.10.25 05:28 Professor_Earth O_O

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2021.10.25 05:28 dylanzs πŸ„

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2021.10.25 05:28 TSWMCR88 Unreleased Em tracks

Has there ever been a particular song you've heard parts of and hoped it would come out?
There's two for me.
Die hard with Dre
the two tracks done for the Bodied soundtrack
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2021.10.25 05:28 Hero_Forger Rhino

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