2z6z3 hrk2s 9z394 se3y2 2f39y tiii7 89s5y faay3 tyift b334h nrsbr az3i7 zf7da siat7 4asbh ad847 fdk2e 424s8 2beye easft n9y6a 🥋 Sensei Inu Token 🐕 | Just Launched | Doxxed Devs on video chat regularly! | The next x1000 Doge Token gem! |

🥋 Sensei Inu Token 🐕 | Just Launched | Doxxed Devs on video chat regularly! | The next x1000 Doge Token gem!

2021.10.25 05:50 Annual_Bus_4629 🥋 Sensei Inu Token 🐕 | Just Launched | Doxxed Devs on video chat regularly! | The next x1000 Doge Token gem!

Sensei Uni is a brand new BSC based community token. Our focus is to provide our community with transparency and fairness. Sensei Inu himself is the master of all doges, he only uses his highly trained skills to protect other doges. We want to offer sensei inu's protection to all doges, as such we'll be donating 2% of all transactions to Battersea Dogs Home!
With Sensei Inu users earn a passive income from reflections and liquidity is supported to keep our sensei in peak condition. An aggressive marketing strategy has just begun with poocoin ads, targeted ads on facebook, and tik tok influencers secured. We will be initiating the poocoin ads as soon the presale ends.
Regardless of whether you sell or buy expect some $Sensei your way!

Contract: 0x338baf9024c68afaa6cad0263958b6baa02c8111
Buy Here: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x338baf9024c68afaa6cad0263958b6baa02c8111
LP Locked: https://deeplock.io/lock/0x24fc3764cDb3b5b4270a3B08AB3621a9a7Efc16c
Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x338baf9024c68afaa6cad0263958b6baa02c8111#readContract
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2021.10.25 05:50 Cross_Ange [3600x2025] HMNZS Aotearoa replenishing HMAS Anzac and HMNZS Te Kaha off the east coast of Malaysia

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2021.10.25 05:50 runway__runaway Will you date a 6’2” girl?

18F living in the UK. White, a bit over 6’2” and skinny. I try to dress well but maybe I am just not pretty. :(
Never had a boyfriend ever. I have tried asking guys out but they all just made fun of me. The only guy who has ever approached me had some kind of giantess fetish and didn’t want to be seen out with me in public.
I thought things are finally going to get better when I am old enough for online dating but even super tall guys don’t seem interested. I am open to dating shorter guys but a super short guy might make me very insecure. Also most of the likes I got are from guys twice my age…
Any advice?
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2021.10.25 05:50 Sharan-Reddy Can each sub create to mark its own cake day. Something like banana day instead of cake day in r/banano

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2021.10.25 05:50 Amazing-Ad-6119 The MOONTRUST Tokenomics. 700 billion Circulating Supply. 🚀. The current price of the MOONTRUST token is $ 0.00000369.

Check out the Live interview with the Owner and Founder of MOONTRUST on the LA Token YOUTUBE Channel.
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2021.10.25 05:50 MertOKTN Aniki Muscle Segway Roller

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2021.10.25 05:50 teodoris10 Hi new here trying to sell smth

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2021.10.25 05:50 czerdec Instead of worrying about overly picky people, we should just mock them for being stupid self harmers as they get old, ugly and fat

Everyone has the choice to be a role model or a terrible warning and people who leave relationship formation until middle age and think that their environment-destroying corporate job will fill the gap left by children and family deserve nothing from us but our mockery and laughter.
What's gonna happen is that the excessively picky people will mostly discover that they're old and ugly and unable to get what they thought they were entitled to. They're already bitter so I assume that when the horrible truth appears about how much they have wasted their OK looking years they're going to become a bitterness singularity that regards the opposite sex the way Alex Jones regards the mainstream media.
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2021.10.25 05:50 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Forests, fire, fuel: Climate battles on Europe’s front line | Al Jazeera

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2021.10.25 05:50 buchouritsu What am I supposed to do?

This is a bit of a long story and may have some typos here and there so I apologize in advance. [M24] In the fall of last year (October 2020 to be exact) I fell into a very low pit emotionally. With lockdown and all that chaos, I didn’t get to venture out much during the summer. I had many plans that got canceled and lost connection with most of my friends. I am now alone. There is no lie, it was the worst year for us all. I was in a very low state of depression and just wanted to find some kind of connection with someone. I live in a small town just outside of Chicago about 1.5 hours away. There is not much to do around here. I’ve been out of school for a few years now already but most of my peers have all moved away and there is really no one around to hangout with. The only place I find comfort from the loneliness is on the beach of Lake Michigan. It is beautiful. I was so lonely that I was downloading a bunch of apps (bumble,yubo,discord) to try and put myself out there to meet people and make some friends. I subbed to Tinder Gold and adjusted my location to several areas within the US and eventually set my location in other countries around the world as well. I even signed up on a few dating sites, again, within the US and in other countries to try and broaden my reach. (Sounds pretty desperate, I know) At the end of October last year, I received a message from this beautiful girl[F22] from a Russian dating site I had signed up for. I was a bit surprised to be honest. Out of all the apps and things I signed up for, that it was this random Russian dating site that had lead me to her. I was also surprised that such a beautiful girl, 2 years younger than me, was on the site in the first place. I thought a girl as young and beautiful as her wouldn’t need a dating site to find someone. But I happily responded to her and asked if she had an instagram that we could chat through because I wasn’t going to check the dating site every day and it would be a more direct way of communicating. She gladly gave me her user and I found her right away. Out of all the people I came across, I felt the most interest in her. I found out that the dating site automatically translated our conversation so when we transitioned to Instagram, I used a translator to communicate with her since she only speaks russian. It was mostly small talk till near Christmas when we started talking a lot more. I suppose the energy was higher in us both around that time. On Christmas I wished her and her family a happy Christmas and I told her that I was glad that I met her. That she was the best part of my year. It seemed like after I told her that, is when she became even more interested in me and wanted to talk more. Right away, we started talking almost every day. We talked about many things, the important stuff. I was amazed to find out that we liked a lot of the same things. She liked to play Skyrim & the Witcher which were two of my favorite games. She also liked Game of Thrones and the Witcher Netflix series. She had a love for everything fantasy and scifi as did I. I told her I liked to design and made some cool pictures for her. We also loved the outdoors and often exchanged pictures of the beautiful sky. We shared music with each other and we both love EDM. The intimacy we were building was unlike anything I had ever felt. But everything I ever wanted. After a while I began to believe that she might just be the one. She was my other half I have been looking for this whole time. Somehow I fell in love with her. (I know that sounds silly to fall in love with someone that you have never met, but it is completely true.) I don’t think I have ever felt the way I do about her with anyone else. When we would talk, it was almost like I could feel her presence in the room. Like she was right beside me. I could feel the comfort and emotion in her words and messages. And all I wanted was to be near her. (I never told her this though. I thought the way we talked to each other was enough to understand how we both felt) She was also interested in astrology and I found out she was a Pisces. (Which makes sense) Born on St. Patrick’s Day. She was under the impression that I was Cancer for a while. And during that time I started thinking to myself, that maybe she was so sure I was a Cancer because the compatibility between Pisces and Cancer is super high. And just that thought was very flattering to me. It made me feel like she really wanted me to be her soulmate. I confessed with a bit of worry shortly after that I was actually a Leo. I was worried because leo is a fire sign and pisces is a water sign and I thought that if she knew that, then it would make her doubtful about the relationship. (As you tell, I didn’t know much about astrology at the time) But she was actually very cool with knowing I was a leo. After all, Leo and Pisces can be a secretly compatible duo. (Don’t let anyone fool you. Also check the moon & rising signs too) At that point, we were now in the middle of March of this year. Things had slowed down slightly but we were still communicating. When April came around, she was happy to tell me that she got a promotion at her work. It was wonderful because on her birthday in March, part of my wish to her was growth and success in her career. I couldn’t help but feel like things had still slightly slowed down between us when summer came along. Work was getting busier for me and I hadn’t communicated much with her. (My first mistake) I felt like I should let her enjoy her summer. And if she wanted to reach out to me, I would be there. (Probably a bit selfish way of thinking) Side note: Ive always had this fear that I can push people away, be too much for them to handle, or be a burden. My problem is I can be too considerate with people most of the time. I do everything in my power to avoid confrontation, cause friction, or be a burden. I try to please everyone. I’m not a wimp. It’s just when love comes to the table, I can be too careful. (Which is not always a bad thing) So what I’m saying is, I didn’t want to crowd her or to nag her to talk. I just wanted everything to be easygoing. From the few pictures and stories she shared on Instagram, it seemed like she was enjoying her summer. Communication was still a bit low but every time we did communicate, it was always a pleasant conversation. And being an empath that she is, she told me a few times that she could feel a pleasant energy from me when we spoke. She wasn’t persistent in liking the few pictures I posted throughout the year. It was only a couple of them. I posted a picture of myself on my birthday expecting her to like it. She hadn’t liked it until about a week later she randomly liked and sent me a message. I was honestly ecstatic. It seemed she was thinking about me. Which brought back feelings from earlier when we were really romantically interested in one another. That was mid August. I told her I was going to be in a wedding in Seattle in September and asked her if I could send her pictures while I was there. Mostly of nature since she really loved nature. She ofc gladly told me to send. She loved them. She said she “dreamed to go there” And I happily said I would love to take her there someday. After I returned home mid September, communication was still casual. If you were to read through some of the conversations, you would think were just 2 good friends. Nothing but pleasant. October has just flown by and the last time we communicated was when she reacted to a story I shared on instagram. It was a picture of me in the mountains in Seattle. She said she liked. That was October 1st. We hadn’t talked at all since. Then I saw. Just this past Saturday. (This may sound a bit conceited, but I check my instagram profile page at least once a day. And I always notice when I lose a follower obviously cause the number will go down. Sometimes I check to see who it was because I don’t have many followers to begin with and it doesn’t seem to happen very often.) And as I scrolled through, to my surprise, I didn’t see her account, which would have been near the top of the list. I quickly went to her profile through search, and it showed that I wasn’t following her. I went to see if my name showed up in her following list and her followers list to see if it was just a glitch or something but it wasn’t. We both weren’t following each other anymore somehow. I had noticed though that just a couple weeks ago, she was following 260 people but now she is only following 225. (Now I understand it’s common to go through followers and unfollow the ones you aren’t interested in anymore. I do it often too.) But that would mean I would still be following her at least. I’m not exactly sure how instagram operates in this area but the only way that I could’ve unfollowed her is if I did it myself (which I clearly never did) or she removed me as a follower. So she did remove a few people she was following but it seems like I was one of the only Followers she removed. But what really hurt me the most was that I saw that my likes on her pictures was no longer there either. (It shows that I haven’t liked her pictures that I clearly remember liking when she posted them) I’m not even sure how that happened because I thought the only way to remove someone’s like is to block them. Which she has not thankfully.) Now I’m completely devastated and confused. I’ve been talking to her for almost a year and have developed deep feelings for her, and yes I understand it wasn’t solid communication but I thought we were at least friends. The removal of me seems to be personal now, and not accidental. But I’m in complete confusion because I don’t know why she would do that or what I even did to cause her to do that. Like I said earlier, every conversation we had was always pleasant, friendly, and sometimes flirty. My heart is shattered and I have been just laying in bed the past two days since I found out. Unable to move. I feel sick because I was so into this girl. And as you have been reading, we have a year worth of history. I never told her, but I have been in the process of adjusting my entire life, career and goals just so I can ultimately be with her and give her a life she deserves and one she has always dreamed of. And It hurts so bad because I really thought that she was the one person I was going to spend the rest of my life with. And I had picked up that feeling from her too. And she just removes me from her life without a care or a notice. Leaving me with guilt of wondering what I did wrong. I don’t want to keep living my life without her hand in mine. And if I have to walk to the ends of the earth to be with her, then I will. And I will not rest. She is everything to me and I would do anything for her. My heart, my soul and my life are hers to keep forever. There is not another soul in the world that I would rather be with than hers. I haven’t contacted her yet since I noticed just because I was pretty much traumatized by it. But I am planning on messaging her today to see why and if there is something wrong. What do I say to her and how do I say it in a way that won’t overwhelm her and cause her to block me. “Hey, I noticed that I’m not following you anymore. Is there something wrong?” If there really is something wrong, she could easily just block me to avoid it. If anything, I just want some closure. Is there anyway I could ask her calmly without overwhelming her, what happened? Is there anyone who could give me suggestions on how to approach the conversation? I pray that this whole thing is just a miss understanding and I’m just overreacting and we are still friends. I just need someone to talk to and their advice. I would really appreciate any thoughts. Thanks 🙏
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2021.10.25 05:50 dundee1001 Wife’s friend

Wife’s friend told me anytime I wanted to be bad or get a blow job to call her.
She is a bigger girl. Amazing tits.
She keeps sending me nudes of her
I’m going to fuck her
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2021.10.25 05:50 Cross_Ange [1299x775]HMNZS Te Mana & Training Vessels Orca, Caribou & Moose

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2021.10.25 05:50 Plastic-Ramen I just ordered the use of Napalm to be halted, and have ordered another alternative. First act in office.

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2021.10.25 05:50 lanyon-jrg Been 24 hours since my last drink

I wouldn't say I have a severe problem with alcohol but I definitely have one. I promised my wife I'd stop drinking after my birthday weekend which was the one just gone. Just had my first post work afternoon with out any beers for a good while, and I feel real jittery and anxious. Thought I'd post here to just have a chat with a few like minded people, sort of doing this alone in the real world lol
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2021.10.25 05:50 urLordCommander Darkrai raid ready Add 968019345758 and stay online!

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2021.10.25 05:50 sweetsoles99 My first EVER post on reddit of my little oiled soles after a massage🥰 hope you like ❤️😘

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2021.10.25 05:50 Cymurux Darkrai. Add 5639 8353 6270

First 10
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2021.10.25 05:50 eberkut Macron’s man in Brussels takes control of the liberals

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2021.10.25 05:50 MilNoslen JustMoney.exchange

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2021.10.25 05:50 platgamers تحميل لعبة Fishing North Atlantic للكمبيوتر من ميديا فاير و تورنت

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2021.10.25 05:50 superwpm The virtue of going to the Masjid for Salah

Narrated from Abu Hurairah (R) that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "When a man goes out of his house to his Masjid, (walking time) one foot records a good deed, and the other erases a sin." [Sunan an-Nasa'i, Hadith No. 705]
عَنْ أَبِي هُرَيْرَةَ، عَنِ النَّبِيِّ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَ ‏ "‏ حِينَ يَخْرُجُ الرَّجُلُ مِنْ بَيْتِهِ إِلَى مَسْجِدِهِ فَرِجْلٌ تُكْتَبُ حَسَنَةً وَرِجْلٌ تَمْحُو سَيِّئَةً ‏"‏ ‏
[سنن النسائي ، رقم الحديث : ٧٠٥]
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2021.10.25 05:50 soulexpert Морской буксир, проекта 745: "МБ-99"

https://soulexpert.ru/nostalgia/morskaya-dusha/morskoj-buksir-proekta-745-mb-99/ Морской буксир, проекта 745: "МБ-99" 2021г. Морская душа. Советский ВМФ. #вмф #флот #ссср #море
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2021.10.25 05:50 DixieLand82 Best case or bag to carry my GoPro and accessories. I’ve a 4,8, and a 10. Would be nice if they had something that could carry all of them and be organized.

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2021.10.25 05:50 princaz FFS

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2021.10.25 05:50 lin_dsey Driving around Greece- US travelers

Just wanted to make a post for US travelers planning to rent a car in Greece. You CANNOT rent one without an international license. We were not aware of this, as it’s not a rule in previous European countries we’ve driven in (Iceland, England, France). I hadn’t seen any posts or blogs from US drivers mention this as advice/preparation, so thought I’d make a post
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