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2021.10.25 05:26 Aeogeus [S-41234 (DW-4)] or Trust me people it could be worse; Chapter 19

First Chapter/Previous Chapter

“There’s no need to keep your hands up doctor, with your reaction times, you could keep them on a pistol, and I would have little to worry about,” stated Yulik as he walked Diduk into the survivors camp.
The response was surprisingly muted as the pirates entered the area. Yulik chalked this up to the shock, and their current predicament led them to develop more robust constitutions.
“How do you know who I am?” asked Diduk, taking the pirate up on his offer and lowering his arms.
“As I told my crew, I do my research,” explained Yulik.
“Now, where is the human?” asked Yulik, pointing his pistol had Diduk’s head.
“How…?” Diduk attempted to ask, but Yulik interrupted, “How do I know what the only human on board is amongst you? Simple, you are all still alive, now where is she?”
With few options, well, no options really, Diduk led Yulik to the stretcher where Madeline was still sleeping.
Diduk had hoped, prayed even, that Madeline’s super senses would have alerted her to the pirates’ presence and that she would have melted away into the jungle to hunt the pirates.
No such luck however, Madeline was still sleeping, utterly oblivious to what was happening.
“Why is she asleep? Why is she tied down?” asked Yulik; of all the meetings he had imagined in his mind, this was not one of them.
Diduk did not want to tell the pirate; he did not even want to look at him. Still, he was the one with the gun, and Diduk told Yulik everything.
Yulik snickered, “Oh, I don’t think she envisioned this when she told you all you would not last five minutes.”
As he gazed at the sleeping female, Yulik was struck with the realisation that he had never actually seen a human in person before. He saw hit with the dissonance that most people experienced, the universe’s great deception indeed.
This Madeline looked so small, so helpless as if a stiff breeze would break her. Beneath that smooth, fragile-looking skin and delicate hair were muscles of whipcord steel and bones like granite.
Yulik needed to consider his next step carefully.
He knew, almost instinctually, that killing her would be the safest move. While this woman was not some hardened warrior or masterful survivalist, death worlds instilled a tenacity and cunning in all their lifeforms. Though it did not always reach the surface or emerge at an opportune moment.
Earth would have only created a more extreme version of this, and when she woke up, Yulik would need to be careful.
Killing her, however, would create problems. Yulik’s plan hinged on ambushing the soldiers and using the passengers as sapient shields. If Yulik could not prove she was alive, they would treat all pirates a hostile and most likely shift to extermination orders. The soldiers’ primary goal was to rescue her after all.
Angry, bloodthirsty soldiers was more dangerous than an irritated tourist.
Yulik could not help but feel he was making a mistake, but rather than execute her right there and then, he ordered that the human female be restrained.
Madeline felt weird, she was certain she had a headache, but she could not feel any pain, she knew it hurt, but it did not hurt. Madeline sighed; she was too groggy for philosophical ramblings.
She attempted to rub her forehead, but her arms would not move. They were also numb; she must have slept on them; how had that happened?
As Madeline rolled onto her side, she realised that her arms and legs resisted, “the hell is going on?” she thought.
As Madeline’s brain tried to process what little information she had, it dawned on her that maybe looking at her limbs might help.
The light was bright, and it aggravated her painlessly painful headache.
Even with her brain still stuck in first gear, Madeline could tell that she was surrounded by the other survivors, and she recalled that she had had a conversation with Diduk before passing out.
“Diduk,” Madeline hissed, that sod had drugged her; she attempted to stand and give the overgrown lizard an earful.
Yet Madeline couldn’t. It took her some time to realise that her legs had been bound.
“Diduk! What the hell have you done” Madeline yelled.
Everyone was startled by the noise, and everyone turned to look. Their looks of surprise quickly moved to relief.
Everyone began to speak at once, and Madeline found she could follow none of it, something about an attack, but this was getting them nowhere.
“What the hell are your people talking about?” shouted Madeline her, voice rising above the others.
“I believe they are referring to us,” an unfamiliar voice said.
Everyone else fell silent, and Madeline righted herself until she was sat down, her knees pressed against her chest. She had no idea who this person was, but it did not take long for her to put the pieces together.
“Am I correct in assuming that you are the captain of the pirates that attacked us,” asked Madeline. She found herself to be strangely calm, Madeline did not know why, but it was almost as if she was not actually there, like watching a movie.
“I am though I am not the captain who ordered the attack; he died in the conflict, going down with their ship”, explained Yulik.
“Honourable”, stated Madeline.
“I thought so”, Yulik replied.
Everyone looked on somewhat surprised at this civil conversation, yet no one else spoke for fear of shattering this delicate balance. The passengers hoped that Madeline might be able to reason with them. The pirates, however, simply hoped that wherever this talk led, it would mean fewer of their deaths.
“I must say you have risen far; the Ponut’klid only reached the stars fifty years ago”, stated Madeline.
Yulik was momentarily thrown off by the knowledge that Madeline had heard of his people; Madeline noticed this and added, “you seem surprised that I know what you are.”
This knocked Yulik from his stupor, and he replied, “forgive me, I did not expect you to know of my people; to most, we are just another face in the crowd.”
“It’s part of standard education; humans learn about every Habitableworlder”, explained Madeline.
Yulik found himself taking slight insult at this, but that feeling was overwhelmed by the idea that humans were taught about seventy-seven different sapient species.
“You may be famous for your prodigious minds as well as you’re incredible bodies, but I do not believe for a moment that you memories seventy-seven races”, stated Yulik.
Madeline seemed confused for a moment before she realised where the wires had gotten crossed.
“I afraid you misunderstand, humans don’t consider themselves to be Deathworlders; to us, a Deathworld is Venus, a 96% carbon dioxide, 450 degrees, sulfuric acid-drenched hell,” she explained.
“You and me, we’re habitableworlders”, she added. “That lot,” she gestured with her eyes to everyone else, “they’re paradiseworlders.”
This was technically correct; back in school, she had learnt it this way. When she had decided to take her holiday out of human territory, however, the course she had been, legally, required to attend had explained that it was best to use the galactic standard with other races to avoid confusion.
The past week had shown that Madeline was extraordinarily adaptable, and she found herself even referring to herself as a Deathworlder in her own head.
Madeline explanation seemed to throw Yulik off for a moment, she did not know it, but the knowledge that the same race that had skewed public perception was not affected by it made some of his bias melt.
Not that it mattered in the long run, Yulik wanted to escape, plunder for a few years and retire as rich a Tuvilu. The woman was still an impediment, and he needed to be sure that she caused no problems.
Yulik could not deny the allure of talking with her, however, and had to force himself away.
“Make sure she does nothing, I mean it, if she so much a sneezes, you tell me!” he ordered Surt, he gestured that she understood.
As Madeline watched the alien walk away, she began to check her pockets, looking for anything that might be useful and found to her astonishment that her knife was still there.
Whoever tied her up must not have been happy about it and simply done the deed and left.
“This is going to be even easier than I thought”, she mused as she began to cut at her bindings.
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2021.10.25 05:26 Henkersmahlzeit KPop im westlichen Mainstream - Wird es ein zweites "Gangnam Style" geben?

Es war für viele wahrscheinlich der erste (und womöglich auch einzige) Kontakt mit dem Genre KPop (Was ich auch anfangs gar nicht realisiert habe).
Denkt ihr, es wird noch so einen weiteren Superhit geben oder wird die Aufnahme des Genres in den Mainstream weiterhin schleichend voranschreiten?
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2021.10.25 05:25 BaoyouSucks i cant find any info about server transfer is anyone knows when will they let us transfer?

hello newworldgame all my friends swapped into another server while im stucked on the server we used to play and im kinda bored of this i was lv50 when server transfers is up and now im lv54 because im all left alone and not enjoying a minute of it so i just stopped playing at all.. so if you guys have any info about it can you share with me :')
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2021.10.25 05:25 Pathwerk returning characters for season 2?

I feel like robo-reagan and orrin are sure bets for atleast cameos. I feel like this isn't the last we have seen of J.R. either. but who else might come back?
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2021.10.25 05:25 TerribleTemporary982 Tree advice wanted

Hi guys! I love trees and would love to have a big plot of land with a lot of trees. Unfortunately that’s not going to happen since we only have a gravely yard and a small strip of garden which we have planted with dwarf fruit bearing trees, a dwarf apple, a dwarf apricot, a Nashi pear tree and so on. I‘d love to have a tree in the yard but planting it is going to be difficult sind the yard is inbetween the house and the brick barn, the yard itself is maybe 6-8m wide and 10-12m long, half of it I paved with rectangular colored concrete stones. Climate wise, I live in the middle of Germany on the edge of the Thuringian forest, climate zone Cfb. The unpaved area consists of a gravely stuff so not ideal for planting. I’d have to dig out a whole lot of that stuff to be able to get a medium sized tree planted. So I was thinking of getting a big ass pot for a tree. Can I plant a maple tree in a pot? Thanks
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2021.10.25 05:25 Paladin_Black Small Spherical Thing In the Gap Between Two Teeth

I noticed this just yesterday while I was using toothpick after a really long time. It's not actually that visible unless it is looked very closely. I don't know if it was always there or it just popped up recently. I also can't tell whether it is flesh or a cyst type thing. It does not cause any discomfort or pain. I don't have any fever or other symptoms too.
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Hey Folks,
Just wanted to knows what are the cheap options available for covid testing for traveling purpose in Dubai? I just spoke to the Aster helpline and they are asking for 130 Dhs. Is there anything less than that, I wanted to do it for 10 people?
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2021.10.25 05:25 mazing99 Duelist players are boosted by the matchmaking system

I have a theory that players who instalock duelist are in a sense boosted by the fact that the matchmaking system gives extra RR to people who have high ACS. What I mean is that if there are 2 people with equal skill levels, and one player instalocks jett while the other player plays smokes, the jett will climb much higher than the guy who picks smokes because it's harder to get a high average combat score when you play smokes, hence why most of the people at the top of the leaderboard are duelist only players. I've noticed that the jett instalocks in my games will usually have terrible aim compared to the rest of the team, probably because they don't really deserve to be in that elo and are just boosted by the fact they play the character with the best combat abilities. Thoughts?
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SAMSUNG 24-Inch CRG5 144Hz Curved Gaming Monitor (LC24RG50FQNXZA) – Computer Monitor, 1920 x 1080p Resolution, 4ms Response, FreeSync, Game Mode, HDMI - SAVE:$110.00 (39%) PRICE:$170 submitted by Litkid_05 to Techmarket86 [link] [comments]

2021.10.25 05:25 Grottenolmlurch The tier 3 mods are fairly balanced, tier 1+2 are almost always detrimental or just useless

Just got: add x-y fire damage can deal no fire damage
It doesnt get more useless or detrimental(fire builds). GGG has to do some weighting ore the Krangling items will fail for the vast majority of players. Make tier 1+2 like it is some small to medium bonus in at lest 50% of the krangels
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