Found in Western Australia and I need some for my house

2021.10.25 05:52 ebnychick Found in Western Australia and I need some for my house

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2021.10.25 05:52 CzechThisOut_ [WTT]Eotech EXPS 2-2 w/ Magnifier for your LPVO [NC]

I got the tism, and I need to move on over to an LPVO. Looking for a 1-6x Viper PST gen 2, and I don't care if it's painted or is slightly salty. Open to any other LPVO's that you might have, so show me what you got. Willing to throw in up to $150 extra if needed. Trade value of all of this is about $600-625.
Comes with the original box, and has an inspection date of 3/24/2021.
Works great with no salt (unless you count paint as salt, but paint is badass), and have only had it on for about 300 rounds. This is the 2-2, so it has an extra dot just below the middle for 500 yards.
I also have this primary arms magnifier w/mount that works decently with it. I bought this as a placeholder until I could find a G45, but they're unobtanium. I'll throw this in if you have a mount on the LPVO. In terms of quality, the magnifier is 'meh". It's kinda like a Holosun magnifier, but the eye relief is a bit better. Glass is decent, but at the end of the day it's only a $100 magnifier. The mount was only $50, and is a bit stiff when trying to move it back and forth.
If you're interested, shoot me a PM and we can work out a trade.
I can only have a few approved brands and models, so please keep it kinda 'Mainstream'. I can't have PA, Burris, etc. AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE DO NOT PM ME WITH ANOTHER STRIKE EAGLE
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2021.10.25 05:52 somethingcookie Which one

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2021.10.25 05:52 CoolupCurt Steuersatzwechsel und Laufrad-MakeOver

Moin Ü
mir ist bei der letzten Ausfahrt aufgefallen, dass sich vorne nen ziemliches Ruckeln beim Bremsen entwickelt hat. Anscheinend hat der Steuersatz mittlerweile einen weg. Rad ist nen Storck Scenario C1.1, glaub es müsste ein Acros AI24 Steuersatz sein. Kriegt man dafür seperate Lager oder kann ich direkt nen neuen Steuersatz kaufen?
Nächster Punkt wären die Laufräder, meine Zipps könnten mittlerweile mal ne kleine Überholung samt etwas Makeup gebrauchen. Lager passen zum Glück Industriekugellager, aber bei den Decals bin ich mir nicht sicher, hat schon mal jemand Sticker auf diesem Golfballmuster aufgebracht? Funktioniert das überhaupt?
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2021.10.25 05:52 sigunthedeer Psn account with 150 games

I wanna sell my psn account which has 150 games. I switched the platform now im on xbox series x so i don’t need a psn account anymore. If you interested in pls contact me.
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2021.10.25 05:52 mochioop [POLY] Looking for friends!! 🥲

Some background about myself, I transferred directly to NYP Year 2 Semester 2 not knowing anything and not knowing anyone, so I have no friends other than a few classmates. I do feel kinda bummed out entering a class halfway as they already have friends from CCAs or Y2S1/Y1, hence why I resort to making this post. :(
I'm just randomly reaching out to anyone who is open to making friends, regardless of which poly or course you are from, I'm cool and would be happy to meet up to study or hang out etc so just drop me a dm maybe? hehehe
It's a bonus if you're from School of Business Management!
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2021.10.25 05:52 Yanele Spooky shot by JJVirta in HZD

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2021.10.25 05:52 cgarcia123 [Homemade] Strawberries and cream cake

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2021.10.25 05:52 george199312 LandPoint

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2021.10.25 05:52 reyzor_q Hamilton overtaking Verstappen handed RB the victory?

RB have looked faster since quali yesterday but I think Hamilton overtaking Verstappen is what gave RB the upper hand. As we saw, Verstappen couldn't get past Hamilton despite being faster, which is why RB opted for the undercut and keep track position.
Of course, we know the Merc isn't good at following another car but perhaps Hamilton would have won had he been in P2 at pulled the same strategy.
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2021.10.25 05:52 caktusjacc If you could choose ANY 2 unreleased Travis Scott songs to be properly finished/fixed up and put onto Utopia, which 2 songs are you choosing? Personally I'd go with Might Go & Serenade

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2021.10.25 05:52 SAtechnewsbot Nigeria: Pros and Cons of Relationships in Digital Age

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2021.10.25 05:52 judgeraw00 Are there any theories on the planet that Omega and Midgardsormr came from? Is it one of the thirteen shards or unrelated to them?

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2021.10.25 05:52 Sufficient-Method863 🐕SamuraiFloki - Low marketcap gem, stealthlaunched few hours ago. Experienced dev team with an active community behind 💎

⚡️ $SamuraiFloki just STEALTH LAUNCHED on BSC! ⚡️
-----------------------MARKETING STARTING SOON-------------------------------
Ca: 0x9a0e12d89366426afC728566f79AFf77BcA6fF9a
We want this to be as community driven as possible, which is why we will set marketcap goals for special events and secret reveals! With amazing tokenomics and multiple buybacks, this promises to be the fastest growing coin starting today! 💎
⏳ 5% Marketing
💪 4% LP reflection
💲Buy link💲
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x9a0e12d89366426afC728566f79AFf77BcA6fF9a
🍰 Pancakeswap:
🔹 Renounced Ownership:
🔐 Liquidity Lock 1 YEAR :
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2021.10.25 05:51 Lucasleepwalker Treasure maps

I think treasure maps should arrange themselves from closest to furthest in the satchel
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2021.10.25 05:51 AeginMassosivine Best villain (both seasons)

-Colorless King: People seem to forget this guy is fascinating, although a psychopath. But he's actually pretty damn intriguing. Gotten involved in his chaos of destruction by literally causing destruction and chaos amongst the king's. Dividing them a part. That takes serious planning. And his main goal was to mess with them, framing Eternal King (Adolf).
Weapons: Holding a futile gun, which in the passing episodes killed no one except Tatara. We see him attempt to kill more people, but he fails. He does have good aim though. Shooting Anna at a long range. I'm guessing he's a amazing Marksman or Sharpshooter.
Skills: Clever he is, as a fox. Who're cats and dogs combined. Are clever, cunning, hyperactive. As a fox - he can be movie actor. Stabbing a king by his acting specialty. In the weapons section: I said he is a good aim. Which is the reason why he uses a firearm. Can he turn on Defense? Offense? None of them. Other explanation. Ya ya, we know his power.
Weakness: Emotions, or the second consciousness. It being hehim bodyjacker victim. Heart C-King does not like
-Nagare Hisui: Less active in his planning, good one at best. Standing by, observing it from a screen. Guy is a sociopath, disregarding people who are not his rank. Hyped up villains in that time. He is a great talker, manipulator if I seen. That's something C-King lacks, and he's a psychopath, so he should have it. But crass follows that king. And trust me, when I say Nagare is the Napoleon of the anime. He is--had to take a entire two clan to defeat him.
Weapons: His physicality--Lighting Bolts. A lightning expert. He can do pretty much anything, burn electronics or electricity based inventions. Temporary Electrocute. (and yes, I can get in the science, But that takes too long. And I am no Electrical Engineer major, but can understand it to a degree). To kill someone with volts. 5,000-1,000 volts can induce a body being burned. 1,000-5,000 can result in death (in electrocution). He either only has 400-800 volts going on - second option, is that he does not want to go up that high. There's no answer to what questioning too.
Skills: Manipulator... yes
Weaknesses: Running out of energy provided by him from the Slate - basically he's a electronic himself. No slate power (Electricity) - no movement
Who was the best?
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2021.10.25 05:51 NotABearItsAManbear How do you keep makeup on your waterline?

Okay so I don’t wear makeup, but I used to play around with it many years ago to see if I liked it. I used to wear eyeliner on my waterline because I’d seen other guys do that, but within what felt like an hour, it would all collect into the inner corner of my eye and I’d have to reapply it. I know setting spray exists but I doubt spraying that in your eye is healthy
What do you guys do to keep it there?
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2021.10.25 05:51 pining4thefiords tumblr be metal

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2021.10.25 05:51 guhleman I committed my first DayZ murder. And I kinda feel bad.

I’ve been killed countless times as a freshie. So when I saw the two fresh spawns attempting to communicate with each other on the tracks near Brena, I just fired. Suppressed M-lock. Neither one knew what hit them. They probably think the other one killed them. Come to think of it, I don’t feel bad. It’s DayZ. Nevermind.
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2021.10.25 05:51 CryptooGuide How And Where To Buy UnderMineGold (UMG) - Step By Step Guide

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2021.10.25 05:51 Subject-Exit Bread 👍

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2021.10.25 05:51 racelini Bitcoin (BTC) Taproot Upgrade -a Major Catalyst?

𝗕𝗶𝘁𝗰𝗼𝗶𝗻 (𝗕𝗧𝗖) is the flagship and reserve currency of the cryptoasset ecosystem. It is one of the most secure blockchains and has become a flight to safety currency owing to its digital scarcity. It is possible that there is no better hedge against inflation than BTC. We are likely to hear of many more countries adopting BTC, as well as companies putting this hedge on their balance sheet
With the imminent Taproot upgrade, BTC is expected to take a step toward scalability by essentially shrinking transaction data down to make it quicker and less energy intensive. However, for me, the bigger leap forward is how Taproot will allow for smart contracts…
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2021.10.25 05:51 alekkov Darkrai raid, add 5799 1355 9648

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2021.10.25 05:51 xXgrazykittenfanxX trading FR full grown dalmatian and R full grown flamingo (always have adds if needed)

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2021.10.25 05:51 PadyEos OMS, în vizită la Timișoara: „Felicităm guvernul pentru că a decis impunerea unor măsuri mai stricte”

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