Spotify Premium family plan - £10 every 3 months.

2021.12.07 06:39 shanhanif1 Spotify Premium family plan - £10 every 3 months.

Looking for genuine people interested in saving some money and having a smooth hassle free service in the UK.
Hi guys just sick of being added to a family plan and then have it drop down to free and having to chase to be re-added on what seems to be scam accounts.
So I am looking to create my own family account and have spots open for anyone looking to save some money and never having to worry about being removed from the plan as long as payments are kept up.
I am looking to fill slots at £10 every 3 months.
I am based in the UK so am looking for UK people as having users abroad means they have to use VPN’s and it will just get messy for them and as I said I just want it to be nice and smooth for each member.
Ideally the payment would be bank transfer as that would be the most simplest but PayPal is also fine.
DM me if interested and dependant on interest I will setup the plan. No payment to be made unless there is sufficient interest and I have setup the account before hand so you can be added to the plan the same day payment is sent.
One thing I will guarantee is as long as payments are kept up to date you won’t ever be dropped from the Premium plan regardless of if others drop/stop paying.
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2021.12.07 06:39 Sweet-Submissive Such an awesome shot

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2021.12.07 06:39 EKAAfives Question about buying STW

im planning on buying save the world for myself as i like playing it and i am gamesharing it through my brothers account and i got really far and want to continue playing it and when i want to play on a different platform like pc or ps will i still have it and be able to play it?
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2021.12.07 06:39 AzraelDeadStar Found this combo that gives your Stiggy the JP Dilo Skin! Combo is: Salar Del Huasco skin and Pulchrana pattern.

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2021.12.07 06:39 nemanja_jovic DevJam Diaries #2 Rory Preddy about new Java features on Azure | Microsoft

The new episode of DevJam Diaries is out! URL
Highlighted list of topics that we talked about during Podcast
Java Learn Path -
Microsoft OpenJDK -
Visual Studio Code Java Coding Pack
Azure Spring Cloud
Java Integration with DevOps Tools -
Java Monitoring -
Azure SDK -
Spring Integration starters for Azure -
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2021.12.07 06:39 papa_jhones rate my playlist sLatT-+--

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2021.12.07 06:39 bob-54 Usc email

Did anyone else get any emails from usc (viterbi school of engineering) saying thanks for applying and register for our session (said that I would love for you to attend one our session)
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2021.12.07 06:39 MeronDC are there any fanfics about world Beyond or about CRM?

I couldn't find fanfics about world Beyond or CRM just about twd in general
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2021.12.07 06:39 No_Ask_6985 Leo calls for aid

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2021.12.07 06:39 cichan0519 Think about it.

“Diaper backward spells repaid.” - Marshall McLuhan.
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2021.12.07 06:39 edison_edges Revenge bubbles

Some time 93/94 I a nurse working in a unit with people who had various needs. Student nurses would get placements to us as part of their training. Then there was this one student.
She thought she was better than us. She always had to be one up on you. So if you had a great night out, hers was fantastic. Been abroad somewhere? She'd been further. You knew stuff, she knew more. She wasn't entirely unpleasant but enough that it annoyed many staff. It was approaching her last week and I - with the blessing of my co-workers - needed to exact some revenge for her attitude.
For reasons unknown, this unit had a large amount of 'hospital' shampoo. This does not mean it was good, quite the opposite. It smelled terrible and stripped hair of all it's oils so no-one used it. It was in 1 litre bottles and a pale translucent brown. There were LOTS of bottles.
Her last day. A colleague distracted this student at the opposite end of the building. I grabbed a couple of the shampoo bottles and headed to where the student's car was parked to the rear of the building. I carefully poured the shampoo over the car. A short while later, I went out, checked how it had spread and added more shampoo. A while later did the same again. I paid particular attention to the door sills and the gaps between the hood and boot (trunk). I coated that car completely. It was also a fairly cold day so it stayed thick and gloopy.
Student left at shift end and we watched as she got to her car, looked closely at it, then back at the building before getting in and slowly driving away.
Later heard that it took her and her bf hours of cleaning to finally get rid of the bubbles.
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2021.12.07 06:39 someranbozo what is the best thing that life has had to offer you that has helped you till this day?

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2021.12.07 06:39 katloww Baby hates food with texture

So we started weaning baby a month ago. First mistake was using pouches. We used ellas kitchen first tastes, fruit and veg went down equally as well. He's 7 months now and I've even trying to mix in a bit of blw and making my own puree. Homemade puree is an absolute no in his book. Even if its smooth. BLW just gets thrown on the floor. For example, this morning, my first attempt I gave him half of a banana, nope. Used the other half of the banana to make a 'banana pop' that's easier to hold. Nope. Well, I can make this banana into a textured puree and mix it with some yoghurt. Nope. OK I'll blend it. Nope. Now I know banana is his absolute favourite fruit, so no issue with the taste. I gave up at this point and squirted some smooth strawberries and apples from a pouch into some Greek yoghurt and he ate the full thing, like an adult portion. We've moved up to the 7+ months pouches aswell, I've tried making my own but it's a no from him, and he will begrudgingly eat a few spoonfuls and that's it. Shall I stop the puree all together and go full in on BLW? Shall I keep persevering and mixing the two? Shall I stop giving him fruit? Idk whether I'm making a rod for my own back here.
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2021.12.07 06:39 SuperVids1 This Fortnite Chapter 3 Skin is 🔥 #Chapter3 #FortniteChapter3

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2021.12.07 06:39 p4s7 CryptoMeme.WTF - CoinMarketCap with memes

CryptoMeme.WTF - CoinMarketCap with memes Crypto live price with generated Memes based on current price
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2021.12.07 06:39 K2_Kimjeha 211128 - Nayeon

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2021.12.07 06:39 Same_Emu_3701 Minha namorada me bateu uma e me chupou sem eu ter pedido isso conta como recaída?

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2021.12.07 06:39 jobsinanywhere How each country voted in 2021 Ballon d'Or with Portugal snubbing Cristiano Ronaldo and England picking Messi second

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2021.12.07 06:39 GenericColShaped Give this stand some love and attention bro

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2021.12.07 06:39 vannteux NFT JAHO P2

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2021.12.07 06:39 wyrdstone_user Punkapocalyptic - Junkers against V Reich

We played yesterday a game of Punkapocalyptic. The Junkers from the basic box faced the V Reich, and I can tell you those Ubersoldats are scary.
The scenario was "The Hunt", and while my junkers got a couple Martabbits at one point in the game, the Ubersoldat jumped through the fire of a grenade and smashed me and a couple guys more.
All in all, it was a great and funny game. I had to wait too much to play again!
I'll upload some pictures, I think the table was really nice.
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2021.12.07 06:39 bambrozio Where can I find the class of listed shares?

Does anyone know where I can find stock classes?
For example, the "NASDAQ:FB" is an "Ordinary Share" of class "A".
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2021.12.07 06:39 langus7 [ESPAÑA] El ‘Infojobs estatal’ funcionará como una agencia de recursos humanos

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2021.12.07 06:39 AccomplishedParsnip9 Driving range (Golf) in/near brussels?

Hi there, I am staying in brussels for a few weeks and was wondering if anyone knows if there is a golf driving range in or around brussels. Ideally something relaxed where I don't have to be a member and am allowed to just hit a few golf balls every now and then. Thanks :)
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2021.12.07 06:39 Ksa_ander Как выглядят войска при атаке которые не успел улучшить до актуальной эпохи.

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