🔥20% Price Drop – $12.79 Magical Art Coloring Book (Harry Potter) Paperback!!

2022.01.24 01:29 cbvv1992 🔥20% Price Drop – $12.79 Magical Art Coloring Book (Harry Potter) Paperback!!

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2022.01.24 01:29 NightSkyCamera The Lion Nebula.

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2022.01.24 01:29 HELLFIRE_J3W POV: you see Wubby's eye tracker

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2022.01.24 01:29 BabyQueenIsMe 24F Canadian, let's [chat] a bit about anything

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2022.01.24 01:29 iamthebest1019 Why do my brakes not seem to stop me that fast?

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2022.01.24 01:29 Lujenda By IAmYourSenpai77 (Deviant art)

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2022.01.24 01:29 JustApersonofskill What i wish they added in she ra

I wish they would have went in more depth to the other princesses runestones, and when I mean the other princesses I mean them all
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2022.01.24 01:29 zombihand0 Get this in the next sockfor1 Reddit video so socks buys blaza the best bidoof ever

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2022.01.24 01:29 antdude GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE - Family Reunion

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2022.01.24 01:29 BakedApetuenchi Cali plugs is gonna be one you don’t want to miss

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2022.01.24 01:29 Theshortmoose Bedrock at its finest

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2022.01.24 01:29 drbootyhole69ha Daily gifts add 4861 3236 7551

4861 3236 7551
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2022.01.24 01:29 darius16180 Abby Luke

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2022.01.24 01:29 kburtchell good atheist vs. creationist debates?

like ones that aren’t INCREDIBLY frustrating and both sides follow the lead topic and are capable of making a sensible debate? 🥲
here’s one of my favorites
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2022.01.24 01:29 PurplishLoganberry Nice photo

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2022.01.24 01:29 WarEagle615 Who to follow

Hello! This is my first year following the Twins. I have never really had an MLB team but my girlfriend is a Twins fan. I am wondering who to follow on Twitter for news and stuff? I subscribe to the Athletic so didn’t know if they had a writer or anyone to follow. Thanks!
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2022.01.24 01:29 iccaecumsa ✨ApexMoonBSC | Launching Now | Hold ApexMoonBSC and receive reward in ADA (Cardano).✨

✨✨✨ ApexMoonBSC✨✨✨
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Launching now on Pancakeswap
👀 Coinlistings, shilling contest, and giveaways after launch
🟢 Contract: 0xd4e2a08633d333efe451599f2beb95285d7c4925
🟢 Buy Now: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0xd4e2a08633d333efe451599f2beb95285d7c4925
🟢 LP LOCKED: https://www.pinksale.finance/#/pinklock/record/16469?chain=BSC
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2022.01.24 01:29 Jharrelljr [WTS][WTT] Omas (2), Lamy, Pilot (3), Visconti (2), Waterman BP (2), Parker BP (2), Shaeffer Snorkel, Parker Sonnet, Parker '51 (2), Libelle (2)

This is my first sale/trade post so bear with me here!
Churning the bottom third of my collection. Some are pens I've had for 20+ years and some only purchased in the last few months. I've tried to price/value them fairly. I'm not desperate to sell any of them but I'm not likely to get much use out of these so they might as well be sold or traded to try something else.
I am open to trade offers, give me an offer, worst I can do is say no. Don't really have anything specific in mind but I like Leonardo, Pelikan, Aurora, Namiki, Nakaya, etc. Not much on the cheaper pens though, many of these are ready to go because I have nicer ones I reach for instead. Happy to do the you buy mine and I buy yours through PayPal G&S on trades.
The pens do NOT include boxes unless stated in the description. If you think I'm way out of line on pricing on anything shoot me a message and I will certainly listen.
https://imgur.com/jvCGCnU proof with timestamp.

  1. Omas Extra: Red/gold, wet 18k (F) nib, [D] rating due to nib swap (by Omas), the usual micro scratches and a couple of tiny chips down by the piston ring, they are unnoticeable unless you are going over it with a magnifying glass. This is a very sweet writing 25 year old Omas in, I believe, Vegetal Resin. This was one of the first fountain pens I purchased (used) but ended up using it very, very little. It was going to be a “Christmas” pen but I just never did take it out at Christmas time. I think I sent this one to Omas for a nib swap. Recently cleaned and works great. Best I can describe the color is sort of a tomato red. I have one Omas box I can include with it, not sure if it is for this one or the other Omas I have for sale here (first one to buy an Omas that wants it gets it). $325
  2. Omas 557-S: Black/gold, sweet 14k (F) bi-color nib, [D] rating due to nib swap (by Omas)and micro scratches. Only real flaw with this pen is when Omas swapped the nib for me (from a broad to a fine) they put it back in a little too far as you can see from the picture. I used this one quite a bit as it was my early favorite. But over the years I purchased some higher end black and gold pens that I use more. I have one Omas box I can include with it, not sure if it is for this one or the other Omas I have for sale here(first one to buy an Omas that wants it gets it). $325
  3. Lamy CC: White/rose gold, 18k (F) bi-color nib, [A2] having been inked once. Purchased just a couple of months ago, I wanted to love this pen as my main “sitting on my desk” pen to grab and make notes on files. But it was just a little big and I preferred the one-handed operation of a Pilot Decimo for the job. It is a really cool pen and superbly made, good weight to it. Comes with the box and everything that came with it, though I have used the pen sleeve and would LIKE to keep that. $330
  4. Pilot VP: Silver Stripe, Rhodium 18k (F) nib, [A2] having been inked once. Another recent purchase that I am very torn to sell. This pen is as pretty as you can get with the whole “Bic” pocket pen look of a VP. This was a serious contender for the “sitting on my desk” spot but I preferred the slimmer Decimo. The nib on this pen is ridiculously smooth. It writes so nice that I used this nib in the other VP/Decimo pens that I tried rather than even inking the others. The only complaint I would have about this pen is that the tapering towards the nib combined with the whole body Rhodium plating makes it a little slippery and I find myself frequently having to choke up on it while writing. Honestly if this doesn’t sell I would be fine with that, so yeah I think I’m valuing it a bit high for a “used” pen. $300
  5. Pilot VP: Black/Gold, 18k (F) nib, [N] having been purchased as new old stock. I believe this was a 2017 special edition (not limited edition) and you can still find new old stock out there for sale for about $156+shipping. The nib has never been inked but the body sat on my keyboard for a few weeks trying it out. I cannot see any micro scratches or any signs of use on it. Works great, love the Decimo, but the dark color just blended with my keyboard and surrounding area a bit too well and I needed something brighter colored for my purpose. $140
  6. Pilot VP: 2019 Tropical Turquoise limited edition 0476/2019; 18k (B) nib, this was my first VP and I never even inked it. I loved the color but did not like the thickness of the barrel with the pocket clip, and I don’t like B nibs for my purposes. I don’t see any signs of use other than it has been inked by the previous owner, so it’s probably [A2] but I will say [B] just to be conservative about it. Original box included. $320
  7. Visconti: Van Gogh “A Pair of Shoes”, smooth Firenze steel (F) nib, [A2] dipped once, comes with box and all original material. $210
  8. Visconti: Pericle 2001 in Amber, smooth Firenze steel (M) nib, [A2] condition for being inked once and dipped once as best I can tell. No box. $150
  9. Waterman: L’Etelon ballpoint Cascade Green; made in France, [B] condition, used but looks great, heavy and well made. $100
  10. Waterman: L’Etelon ballpoint Canyon Brown; made in France, [B] condition, microscratches but looks great, heavy and well made. $100
  11. Parker: Duofold Centennial Black & White ballpoint; [B] condition, excellent shape and very pretty. Another one I wouldn’t be unhappy with if it doesn’t sell. $250
  12. Parker: Duofold Centennial Black/Gold Activated ballpoint; [B] condition, yeah I really went overboard with the black & gold look when I first started collecting. $250
  13. Sheaffer: Snorkel Admiral in Pastel Gray pen and pencil set, Size 5 (F) nib I think, excellent [B] condition, worked great last time I tried to use it 20 years ago. Selling as a set only. $120
  14. Parker: Sonnet Matte Black (F) nib, [B] condition as I put ink through it once 20 years ago, has been sitting in my case ever since. The nib is not marked as gold, and I think back in the late 90s they did some nibs steel and some gold but didn’t mark them…so let’s say it’s steel just to be safe. $90
  15. Libelle New York: Autumn Leaves FP+Rollerball set, (M) generic IPG nib on the FP, rollerball takes a Schmidt Ceramic refill, there is a converter for the FP. Pretty pens for a low price. $120 for the set
  16. Libelle New York: Nature fountain pen, (M) generic IPG nib, sturdy construction with, I believe, a brass body, nice pearlescent panels on it. $70
  17. Parker ’51: Black/Gold, [B] condition with (F) nib, excellent condition, recently refurbished by Rick Horne – The Southern Scribe, gold-filled cap. $120
  18. Parker ’51: Blue/Gold, vacumatic with plunger, [B] condition with (F) nib, excellent condition, recently refurbished by Rick Horne – The Southern Scribe, gold-filled cap. $120
  19. Parker ’21: Blue/Silver, [B] condition with (F) nib. $20

All the usual rules apply. Post a comment here before a PM or I will not deal with you, only using PayPal Goods and Services, etc. Chats are fine.
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2022.01.24 01:29 Br00k1yN2838 Used a AI bot to predict the rest of Joey’s discography

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2022.01.24 01:29 Specialist-Chef-7027 Bay Area locals, how do you feel about transplants?

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2022.01.24 01:29 Synesathlete Vienna on Hasselblad 503CX

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2022.01.24 01:29 DeuceLucely MAJOR Latency spikes with Halo Infinite

...but ONLY with Halo. My standard latency is usually around 22ms, and I've got plenty of bandwidth, but tonight I had latency spikes of up to 800ms when attempting to play Halo... that's never happened before. Anybody else having this issue? Or something similar with a different game?
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2022.01.24 01:29 Dynamite2069 How do I farm right now?

I am currently in Bronze league trying to get unbreakable achievement.(Th13 btw)I am asking on how could I farm when all my targets are Th8,10,14.
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2022.01.24 01:29 RawlDawg69 Good Books

I’m a junior accounting student who has a tax internship this summer. I’m wondering if there are any good books (besides my textbooks) you might recommend that might be good to read before my internship. Any help appreciated
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2022.01.24 01:29 lkranl Psycho laugh I made with watercolor markers

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