Ask me in a couple days what I think will happen in the NFCCG. WHOSE HOUSE.

2022.01.24 01:36 thefloor27 Ask me in a couple days what I think will happen in the NFCCG. WHOSE HOUSE.

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2022.01.24 01:36 Quartag Avoid HEROMASTER69. Started our game insulting players, when called out went AFK for most of the match, then decided to just run into their base and die over and over. Players like this ruin fun for others.

Avoid HEROMASTER69. Started our game insulting players, when called out went AFK for most of the match, then decided to just run into their base and die over and over. Players like this ruin fun for others. submitted by Quartag to heroesofthestorm [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 01:36 BUSCHWOOKIEE The Nocturnal Rat - Highlights for the night raid fans!

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2022.01.24 01:36 DumbledoresArmy23 NT records 286 new cases, further info TBA (24-Jan-2022)

Stay tuned for further NT daily COVID detail.
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2022.01.24 01:36 LeMasqueNoir what exactly are NFT’s and are they good or bad for artists?

so my friend is a digital artist and earlier she got a message saying that someone is planning to send her art to twitter for a NFT. we both don’t know what NFT’s are exactly or if they are good or bad and we are scared that she will have her art stolen and sold without her permission. we don’t know what we should do, please help
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2022.01.24 01:36 _Omar_01 Skywalker

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2022.01.24 01:36 TerminalHerp Before and after. I am SO in love!! Will welcome any additional tips!

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2022.01.24 01:36 Willy-the-kid how do i get knome

I saw a article about gnome and kde doing a collab called knome but i cant find anything about how to give it a try or even a progress blog
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2022.01.24 01:36 codeANDhike Looking for test bank/solution manual for Software Maintenance, Grubb and Takang, World Scientific 2003

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2022.01.24 01:36 psixenon I think im easily emotionally manipulated

I fear because of this, i cannot protect myself or my loved one's private information. I struggle so much to say "i am mot comfortable answering that". How do i protect myself from oversharing when i am being pressured and gaslit?
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2022.01.24 01:36 ImmaNINJAikr How much is too much to pay?

Recently was over in downtown visiting my girlfriend and we went to a liquor store to pick up two bottles of wine. On the way to the cash register, I saw a smoke wagon uncut for $130.
Where do you guys draw the line in price for your favorite bottles?
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2022.01.24 01:36 popomann92837 is there an updated version of foggeds spreadsheat?

this but for season 12?
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2022.01.24 01:36 Stunning_Addendum715 $huahua to dog shelters as a donation platform

I am coming forward to all the au au family to bring out your best au au barks and love in support to our scared and in need au au canines brother and sister in this world .
Upon experiencing the fabulous love our community I am proposing an incentive to register dog shelters around the world to accept $Huahua as a donation token to their dog shelter. In addition to it, an initial marketing task force to be set for this au au task to increase its usability and to finally have an addition to our whitepaper page as well as a roadmap to 2022.
With ♥, Mad Dog
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2022.01.24 01:36 KMegatron96 Unable to upgrade workbench

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2022.01.24 01:36 moonfairydoll At home is where my trigger at

Hello. I'm a new mom and I have bipolar disorder 2. I found out nung Feb 2020 na meron akong bipolar dahil sabi ng BF ko dati na husband ko na ngayon na need ko magpacheck kasi napansin daw nya na ang passive aggressive ko daw pag nagaaway kami. At sabi nya baka may mali sakin. So yun. Nagbroke down ako sa office nun dahil nag-away kami thinking na may problema nga ako kaya nagpaalam ako sa head ko na maghalfday para magpacheck. Then I found out may bipolar disorder 2 nga ako. Nagmeds ako for a month tapos natigil dahil naglockdown na ng March 2020 which is follow up check up ko din dapat nun sa NCMH. Pinaalam ko sa mom ko yung diagnose sakin at sa akala nyang mas maaalagaan ako ng bf ko, sinabi nyang magstay na lang muna ako dun dahil na rin may issue sa bahay namin nun. Personal.
June 2020 I found out I was pregnant. Sa takot ko na ayaw kong walang tatay ang anak ko, pinakasalan ko yung BF ko nun. Kahit grabe at lagi kami nag-aaway, akala ko pag nagka-anak kami magiging mature na kami at ipaprioritize ang baby namin above all.
Pero walang nagbago. Araw araw na kasama ko sya nagsasuffer ako mentally at emotionally. Lagi nya sinasabing kasalanan ko. Naalala ko nun, nagvent ako sa friend ko at sinabi nyang gina-gaslight nga ako ng husband ko na ngayon which I think is totoo nga. Kasi before kami magdate, masaya akong tao. Mahilig akong maghike with friends, gumigimik ako with friends. Masaya ako. Wala sa isip ko na bipolar ako or depressed.
Ngayon, gusto ko na umalis at isama ang anak ko. Pero sinabi ng asawa ko na hinding hindi sya papayag. Meron syang alas against me, na may bipolar nga ako at ipapalabas nya daw na di ako capable alagaan ang anak ko kahit 5 years na ko sa company ko at hanggang ngayon empleyado pa rin ako. Exclusively breastmilk din ang anak ko hanggang ngayon at hindi ko sya pinapabayaan magutom. Yan din ang issue nya sakin, masyado daw ako magmicro-manage pag dating sa anak ko kaya umaalis ang hina-hire naming mag-aalaga sa kanya. Kaya everytime na may conflict kami ng yaya ng anak ko, kampi sya agad dun sa yaya. He even told the yaya na may bipolar ako kaya ako ganito. And he forced me to apologize sa yaya.
Hanggang kailan ako magssuffer? At ano ang dapat kong gawin? Minsan naiisip ko na lang i-hang ang sarili ko para makatakas sa kanya pero naiisip ko ang anak ko. Gusto ko pa sya makasama ng matagal. Pero ang hirap mabuhay kung ang kasama ko sa bahay ang trigger ko.
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2022.01.24 01:36 EscapedCapybara How long until Russia invades the remainder of Ukraine?

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2022.01.24 01:36 Curious_Match_7305 Am I?

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2022.01.24 01:36 KingGidorah77 Hit the wall, got a collateral

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2022.01.24 01:36 JProvv 340M+ looking for 3 players! 24 LS/33 KAM and 31 DS/45+ Wat. Please have KAM ready roster with 2+ GLs! Feel free to apply and we can chat! Discord in comments below!

340M+ looking for 3 players! 24 LS/33 KAM and 31 DS/45+ Wat. Please have KAM ready roster with 2+ GLs! Feel free to apply and we can chat! Discord in comments below! submitted by JProvv to SWGOHRecruiting [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 01:36 Minute-Fox-4738 Please help ! My card keeps refusing

So I just bought a domaine name and when I tried to pay Teespring to connect my domaine to my store they say that my card is declined even if I dont have any issue with shopping with my cc
Why ? And how do I can pay with paypal ?
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2022.01.24 01:36 Adeptus_Autisticus03 Russian Spetsnaz sniper whith 7,62 Dragunov sniper rifle in his hands and Sako TRG-42 by his legs.

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2022.01.24 01:36 rainbowroad666 Working with children's check - birth cert not working??

Trying to apply for my WWCC and for some reason ServicesVIC isn't accepting my legal birth certificate.
It's the one with the watermark background, the one I assume everybody has? I watched as it scanned it a few times in different lighting/angles, and saw that it tries to detect the BDM logo in the top left corner, but the legal birth certificate I own doesn't have a BDM logo anywhere on it.
I tried to google what it may look like but all the birth certificates that came up were just like mine. I am a bit of a lost cause at the moment because I'm not sure where to obtain the document they're asking for. The one you can order from the BDM website ALSO looks exactly like mine - with no logo in the top left
Please help if you can
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2022.01.24 01:36 sulkng My 3 month old kitten accidentally ate some of my Jell-o brand tapioca pudding. Will he be okay?

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2022.01.24 01:36 Flibberschticky Does a toilet really just require gravity to work and do its thing, aside from water?

TL;DR - I'm building a "shed" that is more like a small one bedroom detached studio apartment in the backyard behind my detached garage. My backyard starts to have a heavily wooded area that is on a hill that goes down, so I am thinking I will put a toilet on the wall closest to where the wooded area is, cut whatever you call the hole that a toilet empties into, and put whatever kind of pipe is necessary for the waste water to just flow 10-20 years into the woods that no one goes into, or they'd be trespassing anyway. Will this work? That's all a toilet requires, right? Gravity and water? As for the water supply, It will either come from a PEX hose I bury below the frost line, or I'll fill a 250 gallon water container or something and figure it out. The PVC won't hold water because it will be angled, so I would think it would always empty enough to where freezing and the pipe backing up wouldn't be a concern. I use a handheld portable bidet so I don't really use toilet paper except to dry myself off, and that I will just throw in a trashcan. I've peed and pooped outside my entire nature adventurous adult life, I really have no moral objections to my own waste going into the woods behind my house that I own anyway, and I've gone to the bathroom in multiple times in my life to date. What's the difference?
I drew a terrible diagram. - The green line is the earth surface, and the pink line is the imaginary PVC that will be running out of the shed and down the hill into the woods.
I have found myself in a bit of a situation, where instead of explaining why I need to do something, I'm just going to do it, as I don't have a choice.
I have to build a separate living quarter behind my garage. It will be pretty much hidden, and it will back up to a wooded area that begins a hill downgrade that just keeps going several hundred yards into the woods.
I have come into a situation where I can get the lumber I need for fairly cheap, relatively speaking.
I need to build basically a 12x12 or 12x14 "shed" behind my garage. The roof will just be a slightly angled roof for deflecting of rainwater. I don't like using the word shed, because this ultimately is going to look somewhat nice. It will have vinyl siding on the outside, a decent door, probably a metal roof but maybe shingles. So saying shed kinda implies it's going to look like a building that's falling apart or something.
Electricity for the bare minimum usage will be provided from a heavy gauge extension cord coming from the detached garage. There is nothing that gets powered in the garage other than the garage door when it gets opened, which is rare since we don't park in the garage. In the summer, I sometimes have used a portable air conditioner out in the garage when I am playing drums and need to cool down some, so I know whatever circuit that the garage is on is going to be able to provide enough power for the bare necessities that will need power in this shed. Basically enough power to have a light on, run a CPAP machine at night, turn a TV on, charge a phone or laptop, etc. As for heat, that's going to be a very small woodburning stove I have.
At first I wasn't going to try to do any plumbing, and Just figured I would run a hose from the house to the shed to have some water, but I have started to consider running a PEX line to the shed. I can dig a trench and bury it deep enough so that it won't freeze. My frost line is roughly 15 inches here. I have a portable propane water heater that I can use to heat water when showering. I take quick showers and don't like them particularly hot, anyway.
I am going to have lots of questions as I dive more into this, but my idea is to have a really tiny restroom with the smallest standing shower possible, a toilet, and some sort of sink. Perhaps once of those toilets where the sink is the in the lid of the toilet and the sink water drains into the toilet tank which is what is used for flushing.
This shed is not going to have a concrete foundation, but instead 6x6 pressure treated posts put into the ground and stabilized with concrete. So that means it's going to be off the ground with some space underneath. I will be putting insulation under the floor in between the main plywood sheets where the floor joists are.
My idea for the toilet is to of course build the shed and the separate bathroom, decide where the toilet would go, and cut a hole in the floor where the rubber seal goes, and gravity will do its thing, right? I can run some PVC pipe that goes straight down and then angles off in the direction I want the waste water to go, and then more PVC pipe that sends it 20-30 feet away and into the woods and down, continuing to use gravity and the hill decline to get it away. Waste water from the sink and shower could also be connected to this same path.
So yes, I will be just dumping waste water with human pee and poop into the woods that no one goes into, and if they do, they are trespassing. My question is... will this work? I've been down in my crawlspace before in my house, and that looks to be pretty much how it is. Toilet sits on spot in bathroom where a hole is cut that has a pipe connected to it and when flushed, I'm guessing some sort of valve opens and the weight of the water and gravity causes it to go and just keep going, right?
I do not have the means right now to figure out how to connect this to my actual sewage line from my main house.
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2022.01.24 01:36 UrDailyAnimeFan Trading tyrant kc for overpays

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