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I think she's pretty amazing

2022.01.24 00:38 tx-grl I think she's pretty amazing

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2022.01.24 00:38 ProfessorFelix0812 Fuck Wal-Mart self checkout. If I wanted to be a checker, I’d fill out a fucking application. I don’t want to work for WalMart for free.

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2022.01.24 00:38 ViN_6_ 24 Dec

Day 1 Again
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2022.01.24 00:38 washingmachinefixer (Reddit mobile) how to block subreddits

I don’t like them and they are always on my front page how can I block the whole subreddit?
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2022.01.24 00:38 SoupNL14 [US-NY] [H] ZTBoards Noon w/extras, Mekanisk Klippe t, Cable making supplies [W] Paypal, Local

Hey y'all, pairing down my collection a bit. Discounts to local (Brooklyn/Manhattan), and if you'd like more pictures or have any questions please reach out here or on discord C_L | Soup #5325
Please comment before PM!
Timestamp: https://imgur.com/a/lBSoTut
I have adjusted some price of cable supplies, and Noon due to condition

Mekanisk Klippe T, Ultramarine Flawless condition. Built with l+f lavenders + lavender stabs, plateless $200 shipped OBO
AEBoards x ZTBoards Noon, E-black Built* with lubed retooled mx blacks, og cherry stabs, full alu plate. Extra half alu, fr4 plates, new pcb $525 shipped OBO. Would like to sell as bundle
Cable supplies Details below** $200 shipped OBO
*I am not the first owner of the noon. In transit to me, there was one scuff on the top near the badge, as well as one blemish found on the rear toblerone weight. I can take closeups, just message me!
** includes ~180ft of USB 2.0 28AWG cable, ~130ft purple techflex, 6ft white heatshrink, ~190 combined ft of acid purple + purple 550 paracord, zap's 3/8" coil collars, 10 yc8 connectors, assorted test colors, extra heatshrink, USB-C/USB-A connectors, etc.
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2022.01.24 00:38 ShawtyWithNoBody It takes 3 wipes to know you could have done 2

But it wakes 2 wipes to know you had to do 3
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2022.01.24 00:38 CVEreport CVE-2022-23855

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2022.01.24 00:38 oldhearthgaming GIGITAN NAGA | Mobile Legends: Bang Bang | PART 6 | YU ZHONG GAMEPLAY | ...

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2022.01.24 00:38 MemeLadddd5000 Barbour Pardons Sergeant! | Augustine’s Alternate Elections

Here in the news today, the honorable James Barbour issued a full pardon on the his tyranny as President of the United States. Barbour said, “I feel any good man shall be given a second chance, and I believe Sergeant is a good man who deserves that chance. Sergeant has guided me to the office of the Presidency and it is a shame to see him scolded by every person in this blessed nation. He is a good man who deserves another chance.” Senators John C. Calhoun reacted saying “This just comes to show why nullification is a good of this country. We got corrupt people everywhere all part of the National Union Party that all want a dictator back in public life.” Senator John Tyler said “I can’t believe breaking the law instead of breaking the barriers of expectations one is supposed to surpass as leader of America can make people sympathetic. He is a dictator, a tyrant disguised as a man. I can’t believe we still have him even breathing on this blessed planet.”
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2022.01.24 00:38 skeet22-22 The parallel between these…

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2022.01.24 00:38 n00bkin [Dane Moore] Ant told his coach and trainers that he’s a “gay ass” and not “straight.” He is expected to miss 2-3 weeks.

[Dane Moore] Ant told his coach and trainers that he’s a “gay ass” and not “straight.” He is expected to miss 2-3 weeks. submitted by n00bkin to nbacirclejerk [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 00:38 Old_Truth6995 Onlyfans Ban Speedrun World Record #meme #speedrum #onlyfans

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2022.01.24 00:38 Glasg0wGrin GCW would be so perfect for Netflix.

Recorded or live, have it premier on a night that doesn't go against any other major promotion. Feature it on the top of the carousel on said night to get eyes on it. Bring wrestling to the world of streaming, please.
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2022.01.24 00:38 CandiceYangSuperbuy Service Adjustment & Process Time-Frame During the Spring Festival

Service Adjustment & Process Time-Frame During the Spring Festival Dear Superbuy family,
With the Year of Tiger around the corner, Superbuy Team wishes all of our users greatest happiness and good luck in the New Year!
As per government policies as well as our work arrangements, the holiday for Superbuy staff will be:
18:00pm, Jan. 27th – 9:00am, Feb.7th, 2022 (Note: All time stated hereby is Beijing Time) To ensure you can enjoy the Ingenious Service, please check the Service Adjustment of Superbuy Before/After the Spring Festival Holiday below, and make your purchasing and shipping plans in advance accordingly!
Service Adjustment of Superbuy Before/After the Spring Festival During the holidays, the following services will be suspended: Order Enquiry, Expert Enquiry, Order Processing, Warehousing, After-sales for Parcel, Parcel Enquiry, Return & Exchange and Remind Shipping, Customer Service Hotline, Online Customer Service, QQ Group, Customer Service Email, Complaint Email, BBS, WeChat Enquiry and Weibo Enquiry. We will resume these services starting from Feb. 7th , 2022.
Due to the Spring Festival Holiday, Superbuy kindly reminds that:
  1. Given that many Chinese sellers will take days off prior to the Spring Festival, we suggest that you place orders in advance and select Speedy Response to make purchases ASAP;
  2. To guarantee that you can receive parcels before the Spring Festival, we suggest that you submit the parcels stored in our warehouse for shipment ASAP;
  3. Orders or after-sales requests submitted during the Spring Festival will be processed starting from 9:00, Feb. 7th 2022 according to the time of submission;
1. Order in advance to avoid delays
Due to the Spring Festival, Chinese sellers on Taobao and other e-commerce platforms will take days off to enjoy the holiday, which will seriously affect the ordering process and shipping time. The "Shipping Time" specified by the seller in the product details page shall prevail. If you want to buy some products urgently, please place an order in advance and select Speedy Response, so that we will give priority to you order.
2. Time-Frame for Order Processing
Shopping agent orders (except those with Speedy Response) and forwarding orders submitted during 18:00, Jan. 7th to 18:00, Feb. 6th 2022 will be processed starting from 9:00, Feb. 7th 2022 according to the payment time of orders, and completed before Feb. 10th (all shopping agent orders with Speedy Response will be completed before 9:00, Feb. 8th).
3. Processing Time-Frame for After-Sales Request
After-sales regarding Order Enquiry, Expert Enquiry, Remind Shipping, Return & Exchange, etc. requested during 18:00, Jan. 27th to 09:00, Feb. 7th will be processed after 09:00, Feb. 7th according to the time of request submission, and completed before Feb. 13th. Given logistics delays during the holiday due to cargo backlogs, the time needed for Return & Exchange may be extended. Thanks for your understanding.
4. Processing Time-Frame for Parcel Stock-in
Cut-off time of parcel reception: 17:00, Jan. 27 2022. We will sign parcels starting from 9:00, Feb.7th 2022. Parcels signed before 17:00, Jan. 27 will be stored into the warehouse before the holiday.
5. Processing Time-Frame for Parcel Stock-out
Parcels paid before 0:00, Jan. 27 2022 will be packed before the holiday; parcels submitted during 0:00, Jan. 27 to 9:00, Feb. 7th 2022 will be processed starting from 9:00, Feb. 7th 2022 according to the time of submission. However, due to huge backlogs of parcel during the holiday, the process time-frame may be extended.
6. Processing Time-Frame for Customer Service
Requests submitted during 18:00, Jan. 27th to 9:00, Feb.7th 2022 regarding Online Customer Service, Online Messages, E-mail, Parcel Enquiry and After-sales for Parcels will be processed starting from 9:00, Feb. 7th 2022. Due to the limited number of customer service staff on duty, only urgent requests will be processed. We apologize for the inconvenience. See the following table for details:
7. Processing Time-Frame for Proof of Customs Clearance
It normally takes 3-5 working days for parcels to complete customs clearance at the customs. If you need Proof of Customs Clearance, please apply on the Parcel page. For applications submitted during the Spring Festival, we will provide the proof within 48 hours. We apologize for the inconvenience.
8.Review time of superbuy transshipment order
packages submitted for payment before 18:00 on January 30 will be reviewed before the festival; The packages submitted from 18:00 on January 30 to 24:00 on February 3 will be processed according to the sequence of package submission time after the staff go to work at 9:00 on February 4. However, due to the accumulation of many packages during the Spring Festival, the processing time limit may be delayed.
9.Process Time-frame for Withdrawal
Applications for withdrawal, top-up via remittance and order review submitted during 18:30,27th,Jan to 9:30,7th,Feb will be processed starting from 9:30,7th,Feb 2022 according to the time of application submission. However, due to huge backlogs of applications during the holiday, the process time-frame may be extended. We apologize for the inconvenience.
10. Process Time-frame of Custom LogisticsDepartment
After-sales regardingCustomized Shipping Services, etc. requested during 18:00, Jan. 27th to 09:00, Feb. 7th will be processed after 09:00, Feb. 7th according to the time of request submission, and completed before Feb. 13th.
Service Hours of LogisticsLines onSuperbuy https://preview.redd.it/ydp9wem43kd81.png?width=668&format=png&auto=webp&s=ae34f614e0936d506c4955310613ef5931bfaa68
We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you for your continued support and understanding. Wish all Superbuy users a Happy Tiger Year with good luck!

Jan.24th. 2022
Superbuy Team
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2022.01.24 00:38 Pe9ase1d0n_0c34n_5 You guys should react to Meta Runner Season 1 & 2

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2022.01.24 00:38 RobtheBanque Pont Jaques-Cartier 01/01/2022

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2022.01.24 00:38 _Not_Bree_ TRADING MM2 ITEMS FOR ADOPT ME PETS

Items I have:
(Fang) (x2 Chroma Fang) (Chroma heat) (x2 Pixel ) (Battle axe) (Hallows edge) (x2 Eternalcane) (x2 lugercane) (Frostsaber)
Mostly looking for neon pets(high tier) Or mega (low tier)
Will only trade with a trusted mm mod
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2022.01.24 00:38 Crabscrackcomics egg_irl

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2022.01.24 00:38 Mindless-Highway4867 Si les gusta la Tiktoker Valeria Madrigal Únanse y hagamos una gran Comunidad

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2022.01.24 00:38 sdogee Quien le quiere hacer un cum tribute a mi maestra? A cambio doy dos videos cogiendo de kim

Quien le quiere hacer un cum tribute a mi maestra? A cambio doy dos videos cogiendo de kim submitted by sdogee to KimberlyLoaiza [link] [comments]

2022.01.24 00:38 jookco john bowman cause of death : Cause of Death - Passed Away and Obituary News Click link to read full story.

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2022.01.24 00:38 Stonk_pappii Fingers turning white

29 years old Male 6’4” 230lbs My hands began to have a tingling sensation, more so on my fingers, I then noticed I had white marks all over my fingers, it looks like paint but I assure you it’s not, is this serious? It doesn’t hurt just a tingling feeling. Thank you for your input :)
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2022.01.24 00:38 MaleficTekX Question: What if LoK actually had a “Dark Avatar?”

I don’t mean like what UnaVaatu was, I mean like a full-on avatar.
So, I never watched all of Korra mostly because I didn’t like it, but a though occurred to me; what if the series had an actual “Dark Avatar” who sought to replace Korra because they see her as an incompetent Avatar?
Let’s say this person met Aang some time ago and he left such an imprint on them that they dedicated their life to studying the responsibilities, history and lives of the Avatar. When Aang passes on, they eagerly await who the next avatar will be, only to learn its Korra, a rash avatar with none of the mindsets an avatar should have. After the incident with Amon, they take it upon themselves to find a way to usurp the Avatar.
Fate seems to be on their side as they find a brood of Lion Turtle Hatchlings, all but one had perished. Knowing of Aang’s historic feat of energy bending, a plan forms: they would raise this hatchling and use its energy bending powers to allow them to bend the elements.
In order to defeat the avatar however, only the strongest bending feats would work. They use the Lion turtle to switch between the elements, learning Metal Bending, Blood Bending, Lightning bending and how to suffocate others with air. But there is one huge drawback. They only know these forms of bending. None of the basics, not only that but they lack the control of blood bending to the point it also effects themselves.
Thinking these to be enough, they hunt down the avatar in Republic city, using a hat to conceal the Lion turtle, now touching their head and allowing them to switch between the elements by simply touching their heart.
When they find Korra they beat her and demand to face someone more worthy like Kyoshi or Aang and ask why they see her as fit to be avatar.
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2022.01.24 00:38 OblivioN40 How many people can actually play 6+ Star Maps?

Looking through the beatmap submissions, it always confused me why so many mappers choose to map for very high star ratings. I would wonder who these maps are even supposed to be for when the vast majority of players can't even beat a middle of the road 4 star, much less a 5 or 6 star. Hell, I'm 27k and I can't touch most 5.5+ Star maps. So I got to wondering - am I just below par? Is the community that far advanced that playing 6+ Star maps is normal nowadays? Or is this just a niche, self-perpetuating group of like a couple thousand people who can actually play at that level?
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2022.01.24 00:38 beastmanrules2 GTAWiseGuy - Meanwhile in NoPixel dev server

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