B̌͒̚u̼ͭ͟d̙ͪ͠d̦̗̚h̴ͮ͋ǐ̻̽ś̠̚t̰̍̆ Ć̱͡o͗͘͟n͌́͜c̢͓ͨe̵ͤͯp̩͒ͫt̨͇̆ O͈ͪ͡f̺ͧ͝ D̲̅͘u̧ͧ͞k͚͟͝k͈̃͠ĥ̷ͅa̤̎͘ A̭̎ͅṋ͑͘d͚ͧ͜ T͓ͤ̈h͉ͨe̱̐͜ R̛͖͡e̟ͨ͜m̨ͭͅa̧͈̮k̯̞ͪį͙̤ǹ̆g̨̠͌ Ö̧͚f̖͊͠ P̨̧͔ő̭͝l͐ͤ͢iͪ͟͢t̳̀͋ĭ͓͡ć̤̐ḁ̮̂l͐͑͑ P̻̃ͪhͥ̕͘i͙̲ͨl̷̆̊ô̤̬s̬̽̕o̲͟͢p͉̹̄h̡̖̫y̯͛.

2022.01.24 00:48 legbeard_roller B̌͒̚u̼ͭ͟d̙ͪ͠d̦̗̚h̴ͮ͋ǐ̻̽ś̠̚t̰̍̆ Ć̱͡o͗͘͟n͌́͜c̢͓ͨe̵ͤͯp̩͒ͫt̨͇̆ O͈ͪ͡f̺ͧ͝ D̲̅͘u̧ͧ͞k͚͟͝k͈̃͠ĥ̷ͅa̤̎͘ A̭̎ͅṋ͑͘d͚ͧ͜ T͓ͤ̈h͉ͨe̱̐͜ R̛͖͡e̟ͨ͜m̨ͭͅa̧͈̮k̯̞ͪį͙̤ǹ̆g̨̠͌ Ö̧͚f̖͊͠ P̨̧͔ő̭͝l͐ͤ͢iͪ͟͢t̳̀͋ĭ͓͡ć̤̐ḁ̮̂l͐͑͑ P̻̃ͪhͥ̕͘i͙̲ͨl̷̆̊ô̤̬s̬̽̕o̲͟͢p͉̹̄h̡̖̫y̯͛.

Sorry if this is possible. He was talking about the work of his, other than praise of folly hearing that his most important to decide similarity?
I'm looking for books and essays that deals with how things change and half an effect om each other. Hegel therefore argues that the relation with tech and how it transformed thought and intellect. - Do you all think?
So, I know that plenty of thinkers who have theorized about humor, but are there better places to start getting into early nick land. It's also problematic because I fear I will be straining.
I have not started reading the text while listening to it. Given the late onset of symptoms, it makes me wonder why they have had such an impact on the shoulders of giants.
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2022.01.24 00:48 EggyEggBoy69 NFL OT rules need to be changed.

Sorry if I’m breaking a rule or something but I’m banned from nfl so this is the only place I can think of to post this.
The OT rules need to be changed to allow each team to have a possession. In the Bills v Chiefs game, it was painfully obvious that whoever won the toss would win. I have no doubt in my mind that the bills score and win if the toss goes their way. We as Pack fans have been screwed over by this before, but this game is a perfect example of why this rule sucks. The NCAA has a better system and they are all “amateurs”, so why is the NFL so bad in this regard?
It just upsets me because I’ve resorted to bandwagoning the Bills and Bengals after our awful loss, and now I have to rely on the Bengals of all teams to make me slightly happy.
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2022.01.24 00:48 Mholton1 Would the work with the Xbox?

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2022.01.24 00:48 Awakesheep My emotions during and after THAT.

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2022.01.24 00:48 KPop9494 I [25M] finally joined Reddit a few days ago (late to the party, I know). AMA.

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2022.01.24 00:48 tw_bot Meyer: Future depends on science-based choices | Columnists | martinsvillebulletin.com - Martinsville Bulletin

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2022.01.24 00:48 NeonGamer6 What do you all think of my setup?

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2022.01.24 00:48 DoubleTFan Suggest me an indie sF/F author on Audible who needs a leg up

Messed up and forgot I was still subscribed to Audible. Fortunately I love audibooks enough that I don't mind, but I still have this credit and I would like to help out one of the up-and-comers over buying another audiobook from a bestseller.
BUT as much as I aspire to being the friend of the little guy, I am still the kind of normie who needs the recording quality to be good and at least popless and such.
Previous examples I have enjoyed:
-Enchanted by Orson Scott Card
-Going Postal by Terry Pratchett
-Selfdestructible by Mike Vago (though that wasn't an audiobook)
-Slaughterhouse Five
-First Man in Rome by Colleen McCullough
Books I haven't Enjoyed:
-Superstition by R. L. Stine
-My Antonia by Willa Cather
-Horrorstor by Grady Hedrix
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2022.01.24 00:48 drfishstick [GTM] Electric Boogaloo

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2022.01.24 00:48 pOrflakes A fo4 quiz that’s moderately easy? I’m not sure and i would love to hear feedback and ideas for a harder version of the quiz for the big fallout nerds.

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2022.01.24 00:48 Lone_Noob [PS4] H: 10k Caps W: High Capacity Backpack Mod Plan

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2022.01.24 00:48 ReactQ Hainite Tuitupou (5-1 amateur) vs. Hannah Scoggins (9-1 amateur) on April 23rd, Showcase MMA 25

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2022.01.24 00:48 No-Analysis5146 Your stepsister Madison Beer wants to fool around

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2022.01.24 00:48 ApprehensiveHouse348 Mario vs Sonic [2018] in nutshell .

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2022.01.24 00:48 WeekendBitter4565 You love to see it

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2022.01.24 00:48 Covozi 1080pのディスプレー付き! 急速充電対応のポータブルバッテリー「PDGO」…画面割れそう

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2022.01.24 00:48 TurdFurgeson18 Co-Op Disconnect with support decks.

I run a F2P zealot deck of Zealot/Chemist/Grindstone/BombadieCauldron which is, too my understanding, a pretty solid f2p Dmg Co-Op deck.
So why do i get unmatched when my partner is running support?
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2022.01.24 00:48 leechdawg Hi all. A quick question, with a FOID card, what guns am I actually allowed to own within city limits? I hear that there is a ban on certain types of rifles, I want to make sure I stay within the law.

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2022.01.24 00:48 amancoreseg Netflix and Microsoft’s actions prove that the gaming industry is too big to ignore

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2022.01.24 00:48 mymorningjacket I can't wait!

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2022.01.24 00:48 Anorax3 Only saw this now

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2022.01.24 00:48 wahtevur No news on revamped Legion 7 for 2022?

Just want to make sure as I can't find anything
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2022.01.24 00:48 ScaryStories969 JUST SPREADING AWARENESS!

I see this a lot and it just annoys me. I hate the fact that everybody thinks that if you say "they" or "them" is automatically referring to non-binary. Like do y'all not realize that the word "they" could be referring to multiple people? What else are you supposed to say? Shes? Hes? Persons? Like it just doesnt make sense- NOT SAYING I DONT SUPPORT LGBTQ+ BC IM LEGIT BI (some people think if you say one bad thing your homophobic)
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2022.01.24 00:48 llamadrama925 Anyone else ever experienced this whole pregnant?

I’m 10 weeks pregnant. I try to eat 2-3 meals a day and have some snacks but as a teacher I don’t always have time. Anyways, I sometimes get kinda lightheaded and feel like I’m going to throw up. Then I get really weak and sweaty. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to pass out. I usually will eat a granola bar or some other snack and lay down with an ice pack and the feeling will go away. However sometimes I have thrown up. Has anyone else experienced this? Is it just extreme nausea? I do have anxiety so I am wondering if I get myself worked up when I start to feel lightheaded and it makes me sweaty and sick. Thoughts??
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2022.01.24 00:48 AngelmZeal1 Midnight Survival

Fear is a feeling that I would compare with a malicious parasite. It lives within you, consuming any shred of good things that comes your way. Every moment of relief, joy or happiness is quickly stolen as soon as the darkness of fear sets in, like storm clouds that suddenly cover the sun.
My name is Connor. The events that I am about to recount occurred in 2013. At that time, I was employed as a waiter in a restaurant, working from 4 pm to 11:30 pm before having to drive more than one hour back to my house.
During one of those long and lonely drives in the dark of the night, I connected my phone to the car via Bluetooth to listen to music, and to get my mind off the creepiness of the trees on either side of the road.
A former fan of horror myself, I could not resist imagining all kinds of terrifying scenes I could go through if I was in a horror movie such as: being distracted and accidentally hitting a girl that would turn out to be a ghost or picking up a hitchhiker that would also turn out to be a ghost, or getting chased by an enormous flying creature.
However, let me tell you this: what we see in the movies is nothing compared to real horror.
Around thirty minutes later, I saw what seemed to be a police vehicle parked on the side of the road, its headlamps directly facing the road, engine and lights switched OFF, just like when officers ensure speed limit enforcement. As I passed the vehicle, while clearly seeing it and confirming that it was indeed a police car, the music slowly went from normal to distorted while the car screen briefly glitched.
The distortion on the radio lasted only for a few seconds, but it drew my attention, prompting me to look at the car screen as the glitches stopped and noticing that it was 12:17 AM. The police car quickly resurfaced in my mind, and I attempted to see it from the rear-view mirror, but I could not see it, realizing that it had vanished.
Making my way on the isolated road, I drove with my mind captivated by what I just saw earlier, until the rear-view mirror showed me red and blue lights from a police car illuminating the dark road. The police vehicle was now behind my car and the officer drove with the headlamps OFF. Who drives on such a dark road without using headlamps? I thought, wondering about what kind of police officer I was dealing with.
No need to speed up, I thought. I decided that the best thing to do was to just drive normally until the police car passes me and continues its way. There was no point in attempting to flee. I had everything in check and my ordinary sedan would have been no match for a police car anyway.
Unfortunately, we drove for at least five minutes with the police vehicle still right behind my car, and I understood that he was tailing me. I stayed calm, kept on driving, and hoped that he would soon just let me be, but my wish shattered the moment I heard the police siren resound behind me.
"Freaking control? Just wanna go home." I said as I parked on the side of the road, instantly imitated by the police officer. I checked the time to see that it was 12:31 AM.
The red and blue lights went out, and we would be in complete darkness if not for my car lights. His door opened and I saw his slim silhouette emerge from the vehicle. A cold wind agitated the tree branches and leaves, making me think of a very bad omen. The officer sauntered toward my car as I contemplated the idea of speeding off the moment he would be far enough from his vehicle, but I refrained from doing so, a decision I would regret till I die.
He unholstered something that I could not see clearly because of the dark and the distance. I remained calm, convincing myself that an officer would not just stop and shoot me out of the blue. Fortunately, he switched it ON, revealing the thing to be a flashlight. He pointed it at my face as I completely decreased the music volume and rolled down the window, ready to be as friendly as I could. However, before I even opened my mouth, he surprised me with the weirdest request nobody could imagine from a police officer:
"Identify your soul." He said with a calm and deep voice.
Completely astounded by the question, I froze for a few seconds then answered by giving him my full name. I quickly realized that it was not the right answer, because after a brief silence, he repeated the request. The bizarre occurrence led me to give him my ID number, my social security number, and any other number I could be identified by, all to no avail. With the same tone, the same mood and pace, as if he was a machine, he proceeded to repeat the exact same request:
"Identify your soul."
I asked for explanation on what he exactly meant by soul identification only to hear the same request from him. I started to think that it had to be a prank and got very irritated with the fact that he had his flashlight pointing directly at my face. I politely asked him to get the light away from my eyes only to hear the same request again. This angered me to the point that I attempted to get out of my car only to get blocked by the officer.
A firm and powerful hand landed on the door and prevented me to open it. At that moment, I could see the very pale complexion of his skin, almost as white as milk. Once again, he repeated the request exactly like the previous times. A very bad feeling arose from the depths of my heart, and I began to think of the various ways I could escape from him.
Stuck on the road with no other car passing by, I decided to let him know that whatever that soul identification was, I did not have it. He repeated the request once more. I thought he might be drunk or on something that had really messed his head up, so I tried to see his face to detect the telltale signs of any kind of intoxication.
From the glove compartment, I took out my own flashlight. It was also at that time that I noticed that the car screen was glitching again, but I chose not to pay further attention to it. Then, I mustered the courage and the audacity to put my hand on the officer's electric lamp, blocking its light to give myself the visual advantage, before shining mine at his face only to make all the hair on my body rise.
Black, irregular, and vertical stripes covered a very pale face with no eyes, no nose, and no mouth. I think about it now, but at that moment I did not ask myself how he was able to even talk. I dropped my flashlight and started the engine to flee the scene. He grabbed my left arm, and I felt his incredibly strong hand squeeze the life out of it. My shoulder broke as I stomped on the acceleration pedal because he refused to let go at first before eventually releasing me.
With my remaining functional arm, I drove very fast to the best of my ability and my car's to put maximum distance between me and the officer, or should I say that thing, whatever that entity really was. Around fifteen minutes elapsed with the pain increasing a little more after each one, while I drove all alone on the road like a crazy person fleeing from a nonexistent pursuer.
Just when I thought about rushing to the hospital to get my arm checked, I saw the police car closing in on mine, arriving at full speed. The red and blue lights were OFF, like all the other lights of his car. It was at that moment that I realized that his car did not make any sound at all as if it was functioning without any engine. He bumped into my car with full force when he got close, and I knew that my life was then at stake.
He continued bumping and attacking, but I managed not to lose control. He then moved to my left so that he could land his attacks right on the driver's side. At that moment, the surreal reached another level as I saw that the officer did not have his hands on the steering wheel and was looking right in front of him. His car had a mind of its own and was handling the chase.
I wanted to call the real police while being in that 'drive or die' situation. Despite seeing the glitching car screen, I increased the volume and heard the distorted music adding more distress to the ordeal. I waited for a slight opportunity to take my phone out of my jacket and seized it when it arrived, only to see my phone screen glitching as well, taking me from distress to despair.
The chase continued till we reached a spacious and fairly tall bridge with no other cars passing by to come to my rescue. This was no normal occurrence at all. Even though it was late, we could not be the only two motorists around. The police car hit me once more and I finally lost control of my vehicle. My car was now very close to the edge of the bridge, and I knew that a fall to the rocky ground below could be enough to end my life.
Headlights still OFF but directly facing my driver's door, I knew what was about to unfold. The police car sped towards my vehicle, ready to hit the final nail in my coffin with one last mighty bump. I heard the bizarre sound emitted by its tyres as it advanced towards me. I froze and watched death itself getting closer and closer, two meters, one meter, a few centimeters, till it vanished right before the impact.
The distortion of the music and the glitching of the car screen stopped. I jumped as I did turn the volume a little bit too up. I looked at the time and it was 1:00 AM. One car passed me by with the driver looking at my vehicle, surely wondering why my car was in such a sorry state. Another car passed, and other ones and many more after as if they were all retained somewhere waiting for my ordeal to finally end.
One of the motorists stopped and exited his car surely to come and check what was going on. Before he could get to me, I drove off aimlessly, not even knowing why or if I had to go home or at the hospital, but just wanting to be far from where I was. Afterwards, just stopped driving that car since nothing could really be explained and to friends and family that questioned me about its damages, I only told them that I lost control of the vehicle one night at some point.
However, terrifying events followed in my town with months of intervals as mysterious and deadly road accidents all occurred between 12:00 AM and 12:59 AM. Everyone thinks that they are just normal car crashes, but I know the sinister truth. I do not have any means to prove that the officer exists and that he is the culprit. I only have this story, so at least, nobody cannot say that I kept the truth all to myself.
After resigning and successfully getting another job, one with exclusively day shifts fortunately, I had established strict principles to ensure that I never meet that monster ever again. The main rule was to never set a toe outside of my house from 12:00 AM to 12:59 AM or simply not be anywhere outside during that time interval.
I recently moved out of town, and I now have a family of my own. I never told my wife anything about the officer and I still follow my survival rules. Why? Because even though I am the only one to see them, every night at 12:17 AM, I can see red and blue lights shining from outside through the windows of my house, but of course, I never dared to even look.
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